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n a graphic representation of a sequence of operations using symbols to represent the operations. Flowcharts often symbolize the most important steps of the process with-out detailing the algorithm of the way the work is to be performed.
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The flowchart verdict sheet is meant to be clear, simple, and intuitive.
The improved standard of 86% (26/30) when documenting patients' drug allergy or adverse drug reaction status can be attributed to the introduction of an allergy box on the pre-printed flowchart in accordance with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (2009) guidelines.
Subsequent to the paper and pencil activities, the tax instructor may follow up a traditional lecture with the requirement that each student prepare a flowchart using electronic software.
Beyond the major difference of including process flowcharts to depict linkages between laboratory procedures, GP2-A5 also provides a generic flowchart for setting up and running an automated analyzer.
The external auditor completely reviews all internal control documentation including narratives, flowcharts and walk-throughs.
Because the flowcharts are stored electronically, the Space Center was able to do away with rooms full of paper-based documentation.
To determine the appropriate adjusting journal entry for the deferred tax asset, refer to Exhibit 1, Flowchart A.
At the beginning of each chapter is a flowchart which starts by asking a broad question about a common problem.
The program introduces the first real-time control with Windows flowchart programming in a single software package.
I really couldn't believe how easy it was to write a program in the flowchart language," recalls Burns.
We started work on this document by flowcharting our current GI operation, followed by a flowchart on how DI would compare to GI with its differences and additions.