flowable composite

flow·a·ble com·pos·ite

(flōă-bĕl kŏm-pozit)
Resin compound that is relatively fluid when placed in a cavity before polymerization.
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In vitro evaluation of microleakage of a flowable composite in class V restorations.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dental flowable composite with bulk fill
In this study no significant differences were found in dye penetration between flowable composite resins polymerized by LED or QTH light.
Paul, MN, USA), nanohybrid composite (Filtek Z250XT, 3M ESPE), nanocomposite (Filtek Z350, 3M ESPE), silorane-based low-shrink composite (Filtek P90, 3M ESPE), flowable composite (SDR, Dentsply, Milford, DE, USA), compomer (F 2000, 3M ESPE), and a resin-modified glass-ionomer (N100, 3M ESPE) were tested, and their compositions are given in Table 1.
4,14 Glacier is a so-called "condensable" material with the greatest proportion of fillers (62% by volume), and Wave is a flowable composite with the smallest proportion of fillers (50% by volume), the proportions being inversely related to their water sorption find- ings.
Microleakage in class V restorations (in enamel and cementum), restored with a nanofilled composite was compared to a traditional hybrid resin and flowable composite.
7,8 For this purpose one such product that strives for practical and efficient solution is a new flash-free flowable composite adhesive (low viscosity) for orthodontic bracket bonding.
Though the literature indicates good but inconsistent results with the use of flowable composite liners and RMGIC liners under the composite restorations, very few studies have presented the comparative analysis of the bond strengths of flowable composite liners with the RMGIC liners.
Tenders are invited for Flowable Composite True Nano Z-350 Xt Flow Tube Of 2Gm
Hence, the aim of the present invitro study was to compare the temperature changes induced during polymerisation of Composite, Compomer, Resin modified GIC and Flowable composite using Quartz Tungsten Halogen light (QTHL), Plasma Arc curing light (PAC) and LED.
TheraCal LC is dentistry's first radiopaque, light-curable flowable composite containing "apatite stimulating" calcium silicates to protect and stimulate pulpal and dentin repair.