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William H., English surgeon and anatomist, 1831-1899. See: Flower bone, Flower dental index.


(flou´er) [Old Fr. flor, from L. flos, gen. floris ] the blossom of a plant; preparations of the flowers of some plants are used medicinally.
passion flower 
1. any plant of the genus Passiflora.
2. a preparation of the aerial parts of P. incarnata, having anxiolytic and sedative properties and used for anxiety and insomnia; also used in homeopathy.
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Fig. 161 Flower . A vertical section of a typical flower.


the sexual reproductive structure of ANGIOSPERMS, consisting usually of four types of organs: SEPALS, PETALS, STAMENS and one or more CARPELS. See Fig. 161 . Some plants have unisexual flowers. When these are found on the same plant, the plant is described as MONOECIOUS; when on different plants, the plants are called DIOECIOUS. Many plants produce their flowers in clusters called INFLORESCENCES.

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Q. Can Bach flowers help with weight loss? I've been treated with Bach flowers once for another issue and it really helped, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried it to loose weight cause it seems a little far fetched...

A. I actually disagree with Nichole...certain bach flowers can help dain control and help you feel better with yourself, be more forgiving to yourself- things that sometimes are in our way when trying to loose weight... you should try it out- it can help with maintaining a normal healthy diet.

Q. Have you ever try Flower Essences for bipolar disorders??? I am Flower Essences practitioner as well as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist educated in Venezuela.I have wonderful experiences with Flower Essences and Alternative Terapies.

A. i never tried flower essence in any medical situation. maybe i will, i think it's worth a try. but about Bipolar disorder- changing medications that work and, even though they have unpleasant side effects, proven to help- could have destructive outcome. so in this case i don't think that it's wise to do so.

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