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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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He said the decision was made because technologies such as USB flash memory offer much more storage capacity than floppies and are more useful with today's mega-memory computers.
Tape drives: Although tape remains one of the least expensive storage mediums--costing as little as a tenth of a cent per megabyte of stored data--it's frustratingly slow compared with hard disks or floppies.
I rough everything out on the hard drive, and then we save everything on floppies so we can transfer the data to our graphic artist, who uses a Mac," says Sumbrennan.
USB flash drives are replacing floppy disks partly because of the limited capacity of floppies.
The thing about the new drives that has the industry so excited is that they can use the cheap old 3-1/2-inch floppies - which average about 50 cents each - just as easily as they can use the significantly more expensive newfangled floppies, which will be sold at an initial retail price of $19.
During this promotion you not only get high quality floppies or data cartridges, you get four free games from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack series as well," says Daune Morris, Verbatim promotions manager.