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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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Continuing to spread the love, consumers who purchase two or more pairs of any Sanuk product at participating Flip Flop Shops will receive a free Heart Stress Reliever, while supplies last.
Suppose you are dealt 6c-6d -- a mediocre pair that is always worth seeing a flop with, provided you are getting a reasonable price -- and the three board cards are 10h-6h-4c.
You do the right things and bet your hand accordingly, but you know that any flop with an ace immediately puts you in an underdog position.
Besides stress fractures, the lack of support in the usually flat-bottomed flip flop leaves people vulnerable to stubbing toes, spraining ankles or tearing ligaments, not to mention cuts, scrapes, bruises and blisters.
For additional outlets check their Facebook page by searching for Shibshibi Flip Flops.
For example, in a six-handed cash game you want two players who see the flop a lot and for the other players to be really tight.
If there's no reasonable possibility of making a hand, save yourself some money and get out, especially if you believe the flop has considerably strengthened another player's position.
Then, in 1973, Hilly Kristal opened Country, Bluegrass and Blues (CBGB) and Other Music for Uplifting Gourmandizers (OMFUG) on the ground floor of the Palace Hotel flop at 315 Bowery, across from Bleecker.
SHOE PEOPLE: Tony Blair and David Cameron should try flip flops
Each new movie is a hit with probability p and a flop with probability 1 - p.
But no, flop, flop, flop is the noise of new shows closing prematurely.
In the next election, the voters flop toward the Democrats, based on lofty promises such as "re-engineering" government to protect personal freedom, but get cheated by classic tax-and-spend Democratic politics, which produce pork-barrel crime bills and colossal boondoggles such as Hillary Clinton's health-care plan - a plan that threatens your right to choose your own doctor and keep your medical records private.