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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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The acquisition of Flip Flop Shops aligns perfectly with the company's strategic plan and is consistent with its zero-inventory, no manufacturing-risk business model.
So many people will play any suited hand that the odds that somebody has three-of-a-kind on a flop like Js-7c-7d are better than you might think.
So, to please McKinney and his fellow podiatrists, try a flip flop compromise.
On balance, a marginal improvement of an average starting hand at the flop is a good enough reason to exit and wait for the next hand.
Having a rock club on the Bowery, under a flop house (believe it or not), does have some advantages.
Suppose that the Nash equilibrium (7) of the game in Figure 1 is unique and that in equilibrium D1 replaces its old flop and D2 replaces only its finished movie.
Birch, who has experienced both hits and flops, likes to take on oddball projects rather than the more conventional Broadway musical.
Flip or Flop Atlanta" has been slated to premiere during the summer while the Texas and Nashville spinoffs will reportedly air in February 2018.
You are dealt a solid hand, so you bet out in hopes to take down the blinds, but some rascal in better table position calls you, and the dealer goes to the flop.
A Rowlands wrote to say: "Mrs Flop wore the most outrageous hats.
In Arabic, the term for slippers is "shibshib," and three women in their early twenties -Nadia Ahmed, Sarah Hamza and Dina Naguib - have gotten together to create a brand which they've named " Shibshibi" (my slippers) taking the basic form of the flip flop and jazzing it up with bright colors, pompom embellishments and traditional patterns.