flood fever

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tsu·tsu·ga·mu·shi dis·ease

an acute infectious disease, caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi and transmitted by the mites Trombicula akamushi and T. deliensis, which occurs in harvesters of hemp in some parts of Southeast Asia including Japan; characterized by fever, painful swelling of the lymphatic glands, a small blackish scab on the genitals, neck, or axilla, and an eruption of large dark red papules.

flood fever

See typhus.


natural disaster important in the spread of animal disease and insects and disruption of quarantine areas.

flood fever
flood plain staggers
Australian (north-western New South Wales) syndrome caused by tunicaminyluracils produced in seedhead galls on Agrostis avenacea, the galls produced by Anguina funesta (grass nematodes) and infected by Clavibacter toxicus. Clinically the disease is characterized by convulsions precipitated by driving and often death during the convulsion. Hypermetric ataxia is characteristic in less severe cases. Cattle are most affected, sheep and horses less frequently.