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To become flocculent.

flocculate, flocculation


To become flocculent.
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The statistical result indicates that the group with the greatest difference is that which was stored at -18[degrees]C, while the flocculates stored at 0 and 5[degrees]C showed no significant differences between the viable cells of both groups.
The cultures generated from flocculates stored at -18[degees]C showed no culture viability after the first three weeks of study.
However, Lentz and his co-workers interpret their charge data to indicate that a PAM's effectiveness does not trace primarily to its ability to flocculate, or clump, suspended slit or to form stable aggregates of soil particles.
Dropping a hot paste into a cold letdown or having a large viscosity difference between paste and letdown is likely to shock the pigment dispersion so that it flocculates.
Undispersed or flocculated pigment is readily seen in wet paints, but flocculates may not be noticeable in pastes with high pigment loadings.
A pigment may be dispersed initially, but then flocculate because it has not been stabilized properly.