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To become flocculent.

flocculate, flocculation


To become flocculent.
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By contrast, the same system with a hydrophobic dispersant yields a dispersion phase diagram resembling those of latexes, with a region of good dispersion between two flocculated regions (see Figure 8).
White, "Dewatering of Flocculated Suspensions by Pressure Filtration," Phys.
Na-Willalooka illite (from a subsoil) and Na-montmorillonite (Wyoming and Redhill) were flocculated in the range 1.
In contrast, latexes thickened with nonassociative polymers exist only in the depletion flocculated state, except at very low thickener concentrations.
For example, the tinting strength of a flocculated paste is low compared to a well dispersed one.
EG particles are probably flocculated into large-scale aggregates because of high solvent content and hinder to a lesser extent the bridging efficacy of individual copolymer molecules, which possibly were dictated by the dispersion problems encountered.
The flakes are not flocculated, but exhibit a considerable variation in size, possibly due to degradation during circulation of the paint in the auto plant.
Undispersed or flocculated pigment is readily seen in wet paints, but flocculates may not be noticeable in pastes with high pigment loadings.
However, at low macromer concentrations, strong interactions are seen even at low particle weight fractions, indicating the presence of a flocculated system.
Other authors suggested that the NTC effect is due to the formation of a flocculated structure when the viscosity of the polymer is sufficiently low at elevated temperatures (13, 15, 16).
2 [[micro]meter], it is not so easy to theoretically analyze the rheological properties of such a complex flocculated system.
The NTC effect is attributed to the formation of flocculated structures when the viscosity of the polymer is sufficiently low at elevated temperatures.