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To become flocculent.

flocculate, flocculation


To become flocculent.
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Evaluation of flocculation induced by pH increase for harvesting microalgae and reuse of flocculated medium.
When combined to track a batch flocculation process, ParticleTrack statistics and PVM images identify four stages of the shear progression curve of flocculated MFT (Figure 3):
Thus, the significant increase in conductivity using the flocculated systems does not appear to be a result from additional impurities that are not present in the dispersed case.
Examples of these four ways of quantifying and comparing the degree of dispersion in a flocculated vs a well-dispersed paint are shown in Fig.
This latest clean label flocculated ingredient is an exciting addition to Ulrick & Short's growing portfolio and opens up many more possibilities for food producers.
If clays remain flocculated during a rain event, soil structure is likely to be stable and infiltrability will be relatively unimpeded by the rain event.
Groundmass is formed by flocculated and peptized plasma.
By contrast, sediment stirred into LIG403k columns was flocculated and rapidly settled to the soil surface.
If the soil is composed of very small particles that are flocculated, it can still be of a coarse texture.
The flocculated effluent then is clarified in a 14,000-gal sludge contact/inclined plate clarifier; the solids are pumped to a sludge-thickening tank.
At the time, scientists on cruises involved in the area did note the presence of flocculated bacterial mats in the vicinity of fresh seafloor lavas.
It is now well documented that fluvial suspended sediment is preferentially transported in a flocculated (aggregated) form (Droppo and Ongley, 1994; Phillips and Walling, 1995; Petticrew, 1996; Droppo et al.