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To become flocculent.

flocculate, flocculation


To become flocculent.
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25 /PRNewswire/ -- AmerenUE today began using flocculates -- alums and a buffering agent that cause suspended particles to settle out of water -- to remove suspended clay from the Taum Sauk lower reservoir.
Over time, the pigment slowly flocculates and rheology of the dispersion/ink changes as a result.
The pigment particle size has to be very small and stable so it doesn't flocculate, plus it also has to have low viscosity, which is difficult for UV systems," said Dr.
Pigment pastes often are so concentrated that they are difficult to evaluate without diluting them, which may flocculate the pigment.
In the presence of type F chemical at ~ 5 ppmv, the dispersed species tended to flocculate (Figure 5).
With the split application method, after the first phase of the application, soil particles would reorient to settle down with the infiltrating water, and in the case of polyacrylamide and/or gypsum treatments, most of these chemicals would be in the soil, causing clay particles to flocculate.
Royce and Wells of Procter & Gamble note that high charge density cationic polymers in anionic shampoo systems bind or flocculate polyalkylene oxide alkyl ether particles to form large flocs (20-500) microns that provide good deposition on hair and deliver good wet-conditioning.
When fibres flocculate or fillers deposit on fibres, the mean chord length increases.
If a dispersion is unstable, the particles will flocculate," Ms.
What is difficult is stabilizing the pigment properly so that it does not flocculate in the paste, on letdown, or when the paint is shipped and stored.