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adjective Capable of being bent without breaking; easily bent.


[L. flexus, bent]
1. Adaptability.
2. The quality of bending without breaking; . Synonym: pliability

relative flexibility

Increased mobility or frequency of movement in a joint adjacent to a body part with restricted mobility, such as an injured muscle, bone, capsule, tendon, or ligament. This can be a normal relationship between segments, but it can cause pathology and impairments. Relative flexibility can account for overuse, sprain, or strain of a joint due to stiffness in an adjacent joint. For example, lumbar spine strain due to short hamstrings limits hip motion.

waxy flexibility

A cataleptic state in which limbs retain any position in which they are placed. It is characteristic of catatonic patients. Synonym: flexibilitas cerea
flexible, adjective

Patient discussion about flexible

Q. Can a person be too flexible? I do deep knee bends for the past 3 years. Now a days I get tired soon. Can a person be too flexible?

A. Both a professional aerobic and a normal person can do such deep knee bends. Some evidence exists that an excessive level of flexibility can result in a decreased degree of joint stability. In reality, a trade-off between flexibility and stability appears to exist. This decrease in joint stability is particularly evident when the flexibility increase is the result of lengthening the connective tissue structures that stabilize a particular joint. Deep knee bends, may increase the range of motion (ROM) of the knee joint to the point where the knee becomes more susceptible to chronic or acute instability. As such, an individual's ROM for each joint should be determined by the demands of the individual. It should be noted that an excessive ROM for a given joint could result in decreased stability and a greater potential for injury.

Q. can an Adult be physically more flexible than children? If an adult who is flexible, can he be physically more flexible than children?

A. There are lots of difference in the flexibility of the bones of children and adults. Adults can be physically more flexible than children if they have always been flexible as a result of conditioning, or engaging in sports or exercises.

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Julie points out that some people simply don't want to work flexibly, and say it would reduce their income, or believe they'd be seen as less committed and it would negatively impact their career.
These external storage cache systems can be flexibly combined with distributed RAID controllers to provide performance where performance is needed.
While senior managers' requests to work flexibly are treated with respect, employees further down the career ladder find that the long-hours culture is still rife.
Does your staffing solution respond quickly and flexibly to the changing needs of the higher education sector?
The Lawrence David Traccess 90/38 flexibly mounted, all-bolted curtain-sider trailers all come fitted with disc brakes - an additional safety feature ordered for the first time by Knowles Transport.
predecessor of KPMG Peat Marwick) from a case alleging violations of section 10(b)-5 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, finding that rule lob-5 must be read flexibly, rather than not technically or restrictively.
A survey of 2,000 adults by 02 Business found that just over half were aware of legislation launched six months ago offering the legal right to request to work flexibly.
An analysis of the Labour Force Survey found that 36 per cent of women worked flexibly in 2012, down from 38 per cent in 2010.
Any steps which encourage a fair balance of rights between maternity and paternity leave, and which balance the opportunity to work flexibly, are to be welcomed, and may assist in challenging stereotypes about the roles of mothers and fathers.
stocks logged modest gains last Friday and China decided over the weekend to allow the yuan to move more flexibly.
The footwear industry is said to be a very dynamic segment that must respond quickly and flexibly to changing market demands.