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If I had to guess, I would say that a high percentage of those lost deer were flesh wounds and the arrow never entered the body cavity.
Palvio's chest, which caused a minor flesh wound, said Sgt.
The bullet pierced the vest, inflicting Boyles' friend with a flesh wound.
In the accident in February, she suffered a deep flesh wound which triggered a blood clot in the leg which broke away and lodged in the lungs, blocking her blood supply.
The shot passed through a gap in the wood and hit her in the back, causing a flesh wound and a pellet had to be removed.
Severe angles can lay a nasty flesh wound without getting the job done; I suspect that this is where many of the mechanical horror stories originated.
Chen was grazed by a bullet, sustaining a flesh wound to the abdomen, while Lu was injured in the knee.
Martyn Moxon's side remain on top, but have allowed Derbyshire to escape with a flesh wound, having earlier looked as though they had them by the throat.
When I first encountered Pastor's trees, they were wedged into an impossibly narrow gallery space; viewers had to squeeze by and duck, lest they receive a nasty flesh wound, full of tinsel.
The business has traded under the names of Blue Voodoo, Sun Tattoo Studio and Flesh Wound.
His injuries were barely a flesh wound and he walked into Tallaght Hospital.
Tom suffered a flesh wound after being shot in the sideand was said to be in "agony" after being shot from 5ft.