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The dried ripe seed of Linum usitatissimum (family Linaceae), flax, the fiber of which is used in the manufacture of linen; an infusion was formerly used as a demulcent in catarrhal affections of the respiratory and urogenital tracts, and the ground seeds are used in making poultices.
Synonym(s): flaxseed
[G. linon, flax]


/flax·seed/ (flak´sēd) linseed.


The seed of flax, used to produce linseed oil and medicinal emollients and as a dietary supplement.


The seed of the flax plant, yielding linseed oil and linseed. Claimed useful in control of cholesterol and blood sugar; also used as a laxative.
[A.S. fleax, flax, + seed]

Patient discussion about flaxseed

Q. does flaxseed work for hot flashes.is there anything else that helps? going though menopause without hormones.

A. There have been some researches lately to see if flaxseed does indeed help with hot flashes. flaxseed was studied because it is a phytoestrogen (plant-based estrogen source). Flaxseed contains lignans and omega-3 fatty acids. The research found that it helped some of the women. You need to crush the flaxseed before you eat it in order to get all the oil out of it. You can try it, it is good for you anyway.

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These researchers know it will cost a lot more to add flaxseed to traditional cattle feed.
As part of a snack or meal, it's easy to incorporate tasty and nutritious flaxseed as a staple ingredient in your own diet.
Good sources of alpha-linolenic acid include ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil, canola oil, soy products, hemp products, and walnuts.
With the new Ancient Grains & Flaxseed and Chia Seeds & Quinoa flavors, we're giving shoppers the trending ingredients they're looking for in a tasty snack they can enjoy any time of the day.
Not all results are positive when it comes to flaxseeds and lipids.
Sprinkle ground flaxseed onto oatmeal, yogurt, and cereals.
Flaxseeds were cultivated in Babylon back in 3000 BC.
Celebrity trainer Bobby Strom, who worked with the blonde last year, said that he had fed the star porridge, flaxseed and almond milk during the gruelling shoot.
Children (2-12 years): 1 teaspoonful (tsp) daily of ground flaxseeds, or 1 tsp of fresh flaxseed oil for constipation.
It must be made with vacuum-packed flaxseeds or flaxseeds that