positional plagiocephaly

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positional plagiocephaly

acquired plagiocephaly due to prolonged pressure on one part of the skull.


(pla?je-o-sef'a-le) [ plagio- + -cephaly]
A malformation of the skull producing the appearance of a twisted and lopsided head, caused by irregular closure of the cranial sutures.

deformational plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly on one side the skull of an infant, usually after repeatedly sleeping in a single position, e.g. on the infant's back, to prevent SIDS.

It can usually be treated nonoperatively by repositioning the developing infant frequently, or by having the child wear a protective, adjustable helmet while resting.

Synonym: positional plagiocephaly

positional plagiocephaly

Deformational plagiocephaly.
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FRIENDS of a baby boy with flat head syndrome have put their best foot forward to raise more than PS300 for charity.
A BILLINGHAM family can't say thank you enough to everyone who has helped raise vital funds for six-month-old Freddie Summersgill, who suffers from flat head syndrome.
And more and more parents have been using the corrective helmets to treat flat head syndrome.
Flat Head Syndrome is thought to affect one in 25 babies but the NHS says there is not enough evidence to support the use of helmets.
Kayleigh and her family have since launched a fundraising campaign for Lucy as she was born with Flat Head Syndrome, causing her head to be misshapen.
Now six-month-old Lucy has been diagnosed with severe Brachycephaly and Plagiocephaly, commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome (FHS), causing her head to be misshapen.
One minute I can be working with someone injured from the gym, and the next treating babies who have Flat Head Syndrome with STARband Helmets.
In March, decision makers at NHS Kirklees said there had been no change in the evidence for the use of corrective helmets for positional plagiocephaly - flat head syndrome.
This suggests that babies with flat head syndrome should be screened and monitored for possible cognitive and motor delays.
The tot suffers from Flat Head Syndrome but Lorraine said Good Hope Hospital, at Sutton Coldfield, would not operate.
Connor, of Kilmarnock, was born with plagiocephaly, also known as Flat Head Syndrome.
Parents may be able to avoid or minimise the effects of flat head syndrome simply by having fun with their babies when they are awake, not by jeopardising their safety when they are asleep.