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method of restraint in calves. The animal is thrown by the operator reaching across the animal's back, grasping the loose flank and lifting it off its feet.

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Q. I have chronic pancreatitus, and my doctor cannot figure out why my pain is in my kidney area (right flank)? Does anybody know why that is?

A. Pancreatic pain can sometimes cause refferred pain to the waist and back in a "belt-shape" form. This is due to the nerve supply to the pancreas and its origin. I would also recommend to get an ultrasound of the kidney just to make sure there is no pathology there.

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The invention provides polynucleotides including biallelic markers derived from PG1 and from flanking genomic regions.
Scientists studying VDJ recombination noticed that flanking each V, D, and J gene segment were brief DNA sequences that resemble those on which transposases operate.
com/reports/c42871) has announced the addition of Tensions within the Internal Market - The Functioning of the Internal Market and the Development of Horizontal and Flanking Policies to their offering
Most of the tightest tee shots are on the more heavily wooded and more scenic back nine at Mountain View, notably the 472-yard, par-5 15th hole, which seems narrower than it is because of the height of the trees flanking both sides of the fairway leading away from the tee box.
Flanking the entrance hall are the museum shop made of raw concrete and cloakrooms enclosed in a delicately crystalline glass box.
The presence of strong chargeability anomalies flanking the 2003 drill holes is a very good indicator that greater concentrations of sulfides may be responsible for these values.
Here, the flanking bays project forward suggesting the twin towers of Gothic cathedrals and Portugal's Baroque churches.