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method of restraint in calves. The animal is thrown by the operator reaching across the animal's back, grasping the loose flank and lifting it off its feet.

Patient discussion about flanking

Q. I have chronic pancreatitus, and my doctor cannot figure out why my pain is in my kidney area (right flank)? Does anybody know why that is?

A. Pancreatic pain can sometimes cause refferred pain to the waist and back in a "belt-shape" form. This is due to the nerve supply to the pancreas and its origin. I would also recommend to get an ultrasound of the kidney just to make sure there is no pathology there.

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1) Flanking markers selection: It was supposed that introgression QTL itself was unknown.
The favorable allele frequency of introgression QTL was shown in Table I, you can see flanking markers selection, introgression QTL frequency showed a downward trend with the increase of backcross generation.
In addition to the delivery of two retractable flanking units (each with two high lift rudders and asymmetric steering gears) VDVMS has also supplied the main rudder system consisting of three HD240S high lift fishtail rudders with stainless steel reinforced leading edges.
To operate the flanking rudder lift units, 2 HDMI touch screens (retractable flanking rudder operation and control system RET2700) have been installed.
As the PPG example indicates, the success of a market Flanking tactic hinges on the flankers' ability to create and maintain a separate category.
The application of the EC rules on competition entails that both Member States and private parties are limited to enact measures with horizontal and flanking policy objectives, but with anti-competitive consequences.
Facing into the church's elevated forecourt between the flanking towers of the front facade, the doors are hidden from street view.
Flanking Structure- This mineralized structure has been identified by new soil geochemistry and traced along 360 feet of strike length.
The presence of the main entrance bay is further signalled by the flamboyant display of steel fire escapes flanking it behind thin pilotis which hereafter carry the eaves canopy around the raked stem of the Zenith rock auditorium at the north apex of the shell.
But, to the south, facing a self-consciously picturesque lakeside quartier at the bottom of the declivity accessed f rom the Place by an expansive sweep of steps, the elevation of the flanking mediatheque rises through three generously glazed levels, above which a largely double-height top storey is set back, to allow for a pedestrian promenade-verandah running the whole depth of the building, from parvis and Place to the west, where stairs lead down to lakeside level.