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Flank incision is a familiar incision to urologists, but the traditional incision over 12th or 11th rib may not permit adequate exposure of the adrenal mass and its vasculature.
He underwent surgery and en-bloc resection of the tumour via a left oblique flank incision was performed (Figure 2).
This is usually completed as a day procedure by your vet, either by flank incision (over the left side of your cat) or midline (over the tummy).
Under spinal and epidural anesthesia with right flank incision and retroperitoneal approach, after proximal control of the graft with nylon tape (Fig.
Call Me Madam, born on a ranch outside Fort Collins, was carried by a mare named, Feisty, impregnated via oviductal insemination, using sorted semen that was introduced by flank incision.
Permanent flank bulge is a consequence of flank incision for radical nephrectomy in one half of patients.
Flank bulge has never been reported following PCNL; however, flank bulge is a known potential complication of flank incisions for various retroperitoneal surgical procedures and has been reported in the urological,[sup.
The main disadvantages of the flank incision are increased postoperative pain and prolonged recovery consequent to the incision of multiple muscle layers.
If the authors are promoting this technique over a flank incision, the results are a little disappointing.
11] Open renal surgery, particularly through the commonly used flank incision, is a source of flank bulge and chronic pain in a significant proportion of patients.
Since a flank incision may be associated with a more complicated and lengthy convalescence, the inherent risks of open partial nephrectomy need to be carefully balanced with potential benefits.
An open supra-11 flank incision was made and access gained to the left kidney.