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In this study, TE for FLAIR produced the distinguishable contrast among tissues with comparable T1/T2 relaxation times by inverting 1800 pulse and considering 400 ms value of TI.
In this study, in similar, there was marked vasogenic edema in acute stage and in 5 patients out of 11, this was observed in FLAIR images.
Caption: Figure 1: Initial (a) MRI with unremarkable diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and perfusion-weighted imaging (PWI) as well as FLAIR images.
Flair Towers is surrounded by major roads, including Pioneer Street and Shaw Boulevard, giving residents convenient access to public transportation.
The Citroen C1 Flair sports 15-inch 'Planet' alloy wheels and additional features including a speed limiter, rev counter, reversing camera, electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors, a leather steering wheel and dark tinted rear windows.
It can be concluded that in magnetic resonance imaging, larger tumor volumes are obtained using the FLAIR image sequence when compared to post-contrast T1-weighted images.
Besides custom rotogravure printed film, bags and pouches, Flair offers a full line of vacuum pouches, thermoforming film, shrink bags, deli packaging and coffee bags and pouches.
THE NATIONAL MANGO BOARD HAS TEAMED WITH CELEBRITY CHEF INGRID HOFFMANN AND NEW YORK CITY'S FOOD AND FINANCE HIGH SCHOOL to create a Holidays with a Latin Flair program, which will incorporate seasonal recipes with a donation to a worthy cause.
1 BLACKBURN boss Sam Allardyce hailed his flair players for getting his side's season up and running against Wolves.
Bishkek will host Kyrgyzstan Flair Open Challenge on September 10-11, Serdar Movliev, one of organizers, said.
AUSTRALIA captain Stirling Mortlock believes the traditional flair in the French backline is alive and well in the current Les Bleus team.