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flagellates (flaj´əlāts),

n.pl one of four phyla of parasitic protozoa, also called
Mastigophora. They can cause diseases such as enteritis, urethritis, vaginitis, and Chagas' disease by means of drinking water contamination, vaginal discharge, and bug bite.
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The highest PIR for flagellates are explained by the higher densities of these organisms when compared to ciliate densities in the reservoir (see Figure 3).
An experiment developed in a Mediterranean stream showed that flagellates did not respond significantly to fertilization and suggested that the increase of nanoflagellate abundance to high food resource availability is not a general pattern for different ecosystems (DOMENECH et al.
These metabolites are toxic to parasites when they accumulate in the media and are responsible for the lyses of flagellates and formation of round forms (Li and Woo1991) in the old cultures.
Ultrastructural changes related to the ingestion and digestion of cellulose by flagellate, Trichonympha agilis.
Composition and species richness of flagellate protozoa from environments associated to the Baia river (Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil): influence of the hydrological period and the connectivity
crassipes was the most abundant species, it was not found the presence of flagellates in the midgut and in salivary glands of the analyzed insects.
We chose to use nine phytoplankton species to represent diatoms, dinoflagellates and flagellates that are found in the mussel farming areas in New Zealand.
A portion of the rectum and the salivary gland was removed individually from each triatomine bug, dispersed in saline solution and analyzed by microscopy (400X) for several minutes looking for flagellates by technicians trained in detection of Trypanosoma cruzi.
Seasonal patterns of bacterivory by flagellates, ciliates, rotifers, and cladocerans in a freshwater planktonic community.
The jakobids are a group of several genera of flagellates with two flagella inserting at the head of a ventral groove.
Second, increases should be reduced in fertilized lakes with sustained high Daphnia populations based on experimental results and the comparative study of heterotrophic flagellates by Gasol and Vaque (1993).
Red tide is the common name for an abundance of flagellates, microorganisms that gather in blooms.