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flagellates (flaj´əlāts),

n.pl one of four phyla of parasitic protozoa, also called
Mastigophora. They can cause diseases such as enteritis, urethritis, vaginitis, and Chagas' disease by means of drinking water contamination, vaginal discharge, and bug bite.
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Composition and species richness of flagellate protozoa from environments associated to the Baia river (Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil): influence of the hydrological period and the connectivity
Among the aquatic communities in floodplains, flagellate protozoa play important role in the energy flow and nutrient cycling (AZAM et al.
Consequently, the effect of the flood regime and the hydrological connectivity on the composition and species richness of flagellate protozoa is not known.
For example, the diatom Skeletonema costatum is an excellent food for oyster juveniles (Walne 1970) but poor for larvae of the same species (Ostrea edulis) that favor flagellates (Enright et al.
This variability appeared to be related to differing digestibility of phytoplankton species caused by rigid cell walls of diatoms being more difficult for enzymatic digestion than dinoflagellates and flagellates.
belonged to diatom, flagellate and dinoflagellate, were cultured at the NIWA aquaculture laboratory at Mahanga Bay.
Dientamoeba fragilis: the unflagellate human flagellate.
fragilis ([section]) P44 + flagellate P45 - ND P50 - ND P52 + unclassified P54 + flagellate P56 + unclassified P59 + unclassified P60 - ND P71 - ND P75 - ND P91 - ND P93 + unclassified P 97 + flagellate P111 - ND P113 - ND P116 - ND P122 + flagellate P131 - ND P133 - ND Pig 1 - ND Pig 2 - ND Pig 3 - ND Pig 4 - ND Pig 5 - ND Pig 6 - ND Pig 7 - ND Pig 8 - ND Pig 9 - ND Pig 10 - ND DF-P1 - ND DF-P2 - ND DF-P3 - ND DF-P4 - ND H1 - ND H2 - ND H3 - ND H4 - ND H5 - ND H6 - ND H7 - ND H8 - ND H9 - ND H10 - ND H11 - ND H12 - ND H13 - ND H14 - ND H15 + D.
cruzi-like flagellates from Rp1, Dm1, Dm2, Dm3, and Dm4 and the Berenice stock of T.
Scarcity of blood flagellates in marsupials precluded detection by direct microscopy.
We detected blood flagellates in 9 of 10 Didelphidae captured in backyards of houses in Paco do Lumiar county.