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44) In other cities flagellant confraternities offered spiritual advantages to female relatives of members and women making bequests to them.
Italians of all social strata were suddenly inspired to don the white penitential robes of flagellants (thus, bianchi), confess, take up the cross, and pledge themselves to nine days of fasting and processions which, in their extra- as well as intra-urban circuits, conveyed the movement from Liguria down to Rome.
From the 13th through the 15th centuries, penitent flagellants waged spiritual war "not only on Antichrist but also on the established order and the social, clerical and money powers that were part of the anarchy that masqueraded as order.
After five years in storage, a collection highlight back on display is Carl von Marr's enormous masterpiece, The Flagellants.
Just like the flagellants, they believe that their sins can be washed away by undergoing the same physical suffering that Christ endured.
Occasionally, instead of stifling individuality, religion actually redefines individuality, such that a person finds happiness and self-expression in pain (for example, the Christian Flagellants or the Hindu Fakirs).
On the other side, Greenblatt offers as evidence for his argument against medieval Christianity a small scattering of Christian figures and a fetishistic focusing on Christian flagellants and treats them as if they were the whole story of the faith.
Especially during Easter Holy Week, flagellants stroll through the blazing hot, sun-bleached streets, whipping themselves bloody, while guys dressed as Roman centurions scourge other guys carrying crosses and dressed like Jesus.
12) The disorder contributed to the growth of the flagellants who were a particular problem in Perugia in 1259 and Bologna in 1260.
It was a period which produced some true oddities; processions of German flagellants, a French kingwho thought hewas made of glass, a hysterical dancing mania and a war between two popes.
This, it might be argued, could be seen in the Proto-Protestant Lollards on the one hand and in the Flagellants on the other.