fixed premium

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fixed premium,

n a specified amount charged for insurance that is not changed by such factors as family size or initial year versus maintenance year of dental care coverage. Also called
set premium.
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The majority of PPI policies have a fixed premium regardless of sex, age or occupation making the paperwork uncomplicated, therefore insuring easy handling and understanding of the insurance product.
We have contracts that secure us a certain amount at a fixed premium.
Although insurers offer several options, financial experts recommend two products: variable universal life insurance, which combines life insurance with a policyholder-driven investment component; and traditional whole life insurance, which offers guaranteed returns and fixed premium payments.
A minimum bid price was established based on the previous days quotation for strictly soft coffee in Santos (R$210 per 60 kilo bag) plus a fixed premium.
As the above analysis indicates, a fixed premium and the socially desirable investment strategy [i.
The elderly can also be victimized by the sale of long-term-care insurance that purports to have a fixed premium but in reality has one that rapidly rises over time.
25% for the first year and a floating interest rate for the remaining years that is to be determined on the basis of the average interest rate on six-month term deposits plus a fixed premium of 2.
As one might expect, heirs and sellers tended to underestimate the value of works of art, while government agents tried to compensate by adding a fixed premium to the proposed value, suggesting that inventories per se represented very imperfect measures of value.
Self-insured employers pay for each claim as it is incurred instead of paying a fixed premium.
Term life insurance requires that you pay a fixed premium for a certain period of time for a guaranteed death benefit in the event of your untimely demise.
Some will even agree a fixed premium for, say, five years which helps to keep the cost under control.
Claims management, loss control, managed care and loss reduction services can be included in a fixed premium that is payable up front or in installments and calculated on a net present value basis.