fixed premium

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fixed premium,

n a specified amount charged for insurance that is not changed by such factors as family size or initial year versus maintenance year of dental care coverage. Also called
set premium.
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Under this form of stop-loss insurance, an employer pays a fixed premium each month and is liable for the claim payments of an individual up to a chosen deductible, with amounts in excess of that covered by the stop-loss carrier.
Drivers pay a fixed premium based on traditional factors such as residence and marital status.
The majority of PPI policies have a fixed premium regardless of sex, age or occupation making the paperwork uncomplicated, therefore insuring easy handling and understanding of the insurance product.
We have contracts that secure us a certain amount at a fixed premium.
Most LTC insurance policies are issued with a level fixed premium based on the insured's age.
The costs of administration, recordkeeping, and service are generally somewhat higher with adjustable policies than with traditional fixed premium, fixed benefit policies.
Although insurers offer several options, financial experts recommend two products: variable universal life insurance, which combines life insurance with a policyholder-driven investment component; and traditional whole life insurance, which offers guaranteed returns and fixed premium payments.
A minimum bid price was established based on the previous days quotation for strictly soft coffee in Santos (R$210 per 60 kilo bag) plus a fixed premium.
As the above analysis indicates, a fixed premium and the socially desirable investment strategy [i.
The elderly can also be victimized by the sale of long-term-care insurance that purports to have a fixed premium but in reality has one that rapidly rises over time.
25% for the first year and a floating interest rate for the remaining years that is to be determined on the basis of the average interest rate on six-month term deposits plus a fixed premium of 2.