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And, indeed, he must have been at his wits' end, to have come to me at such a time, and to abandon Mademoiselle Stangerson in spite of his fixed idea as to the consequence.
The desire to rid himself of half the legacy had become a fixed idea with Bill.
It proved to me that this atrocious absurdity was rooted in the man himself and not in the disease, which, ap- parently, had emptied him of every power, mental and physical, except that one fixed idea.
This has frightened me, because it looks as if his one fixed idea about Laura was becoming too much for his mind.
Haldin's terrible immobility, inhabited by that fixed idea.
He was a particularly unkempt person with the look of a fixed idea in his eye.
Mademoiselle Cormon, like all persons nervously agitated by a fixed idea, became hard to please, and nagging, less by nature than from the need of employing her activity.
It brings a certain truth to the surface and leaves behind fixed ideas and images.
While it is natural to have a these opinions, havinga fixed ideas about your children's options could lead to them missing out on a booming job area.
For her, thinking was an inner Socratic debate in which one questions oneself constantly, challenging one's own fixed ideas, considering and re-considering everything that presents itself to the mind, the "soundless dialogue of the I with itself.
If your fingers are all ringed with fixed ideas and final conclusions, they won't be free to receive a new insight and keep your spiritual progress alive.