fixed fee schedule

fixed fee schedule,

n a list of specified fees for services that will be paid to dental professionals participating in a dental plan.
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FLAG's funds bring highly stable revenues that are at low risk of outflows; once launched, each fund's revenue stream is defined, based on committed capital and a fixed fee schedule over the multiple-year life of the fund, which typically is set at 12 years;
The consultant will, in turn, provide a not-to-exceed cost estimate based upon the fixed fee schedule included in their submittal and then execute a task order with the Transportation Agency.
The government system would reimburse on a fixed fee schedule with rates similar to the current Medicare rates.
Changes in benefits include plan payment of 80 percent of hospital-medical-surgical expenses up to $3,000 a year (was $1,500) and 100 percent of the balance (unchanged); a new $5 employee payment for each visit to a doctor's office, $2 and $4 deductibles for generic and brand-name prescription drug purchases (was $1 for both); and adoption of a fixed fee schedule of payments for prosthetic dental procedures, replacing a provision for payment of 60 percent of usual and customary charges.
New Dental Choice members simply present their membership card at a participating dentist, and through the power of group purchasing, save one-third to one-half of their dental expenses on a fixed fee schedule for more than 300 procedures including root canals, teeth whitening, regular checkups, orthodontics and dental implants.
The survey of the STA's largest members showed an average cost savings, for public companies, of 42 percent for distributing annual meeting materials under a proxy processing system that uses competitive pricing instead of a fixed fee schedule established by regulators.
Cost savings could be achieved for all but one of these companies, with savings ranging from 13 percent to 80 percent, when compared to fees charged by a fixed fee schedule.
The company is a national, seamless, fully credentialed network of dentists who have agreed to accept a discounted fixed fee schedule.
Fixed fee schedules and the ban on advertising have been struck down, and competitive legal clinics are starting to flourish.
HealthMarket's policies use fixed fee schedules, health savings accounts and episode spending accounts to encourage a greater role by consumers in health care decisions.