fixed drug eruption

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fixed drug e·rup·tion

a type of drug eruption that recurs at the same site (or sites) following the administration of a particular drug; the lesions usually consist of intensely erythematous and purplish, sharply demarcated macules, and occasionally of herpetic vesicles; the affected areas undergo gradual involution, but flare and enlarge on readministration of the offending drug and may become hyperpigmented.

fixed drug eruption

well-defined red to purple lesions that appear at the same sites on the skin and mucous membranes each time a particular drug is used. The reaction occurs most commonly in patients who are using tetracycline or phenolphthalein.
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Fixed drug eruption

fix·ed drug e·rup·tion

(fikst drŭg ĕr-ŭp'shŭn)
A type of drug eruption that recurs at a fixed site (or sites) after administration of a particular drug.

fixed drug eruption

A localized red rash with a sharp border, which follows exposure to a drug. The rash usually burns, occurs on the face or the genitals, and, if the offending agent is given again, recurs in the same location.
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