fixators (fik·sāˑ·ters), soft-tissue structures that act as synthe-sizers during movement. Also called
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Extremity fractures may be rapidly and easily spanned and stabilized using external fixators with minimal morbidity, decreased operating room time, and blood loss.
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Use of external skeletal fixator-intramedullary pin (ESF-IM) tie-in fixators is an adjustable and effective method of fracture fixation in birds.
The relative stiffness of five different external wrist fixators currently in use for distal radius fractures was determined using a uniform fracture model consisting of wood dowels to isolate the effects of the fixators themselves.
Contract award notice:Fn motol - supplies of internal fixators for stabilization of the cervical spine
A team of intensivists, orthopaedic surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses had to conduct immediate surgery to put external fixators to stabilise his limb.
3% non-union in patients of open tibial fractures treated with external fixators.
In all patients, mini-external fixators were applied and fracture was assessed for union and functional assessment on basis of active range of movement (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor) at 6th and 12th weeks and 6th month.