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fixable (fikˑ·s·bl),

adj a broad category used to refer to patients with curable illnesses.

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Q. why do alcohol cause liver problems? is it fixable after my liver has been damaged? what a liver disfunction will cause me ? what are the expected symptoms of over drinking and dysfunctional liver ?

A. The exact mechanism isn’t fully understood, but apparently alcohol damages the liver cells directly. Hepatic dysfunction is a serious condition that may eventually lead to death. Alcoholic hepatitis may cause fever, loss of appetite, enlargement of the liver and jaundice.

Usually avoidance of drinking may help the liver recover itself, although at advanced stages it may be irreversible. There are also medical treatments for this condition.

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Conclusion: The presence of fixable genetic nature supported by high heritability for the physiological variables like osmotic potential, proline and canopy temperature provides an opportunity for early generation selection in these traits for tailoring drought tolerance in wheat genotypes.
Cuban said that if the club came up for sale that, "If they're fixable and the deal is right, then I'm very interested.
But the doctor said it was fixable but you need to be sensible.
In a December Texas Tribune article on school counselors, Castro said there were a number of fixable issues - he called it "the low-hanging fruit" - with the state's approach to the profession.
When they respond quickly to suppliers with the corrected print, the mistakes are fixable, and life goes on.
Mr Leitch said: "I thought if they hit the back of me, I've got least chance of, you know, might break a leg or whatever, that's fixable.
Until recently, it was the responsibility of either the ship's IAM or the CNDIDBA team to manually parse SCCVI results and determine which IAVs were ship's force fixable or unfixable patches.
But those fixable things looked a lot like the fixable things they've have been doing for a while now.
In this package, we've highlighted some of the most urgent, and most fixable, problems the next president can tackle.
The squadrons will be slightly smaller, because the Typhoon is a modern era aeroplane and more technically fixable than the Tornado, which needs more manpower.
We don't think it is, either, but it is one that is real and fixable.
Its biggest fixable problem is that there's just too much of it.