first intention

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first intention

See intention.

first in·ten·tion

(fĭrst in-ten'shŭn)
Healing by fibrous adhesion, without suppuration or granulation tissue formation.
See also: second intention, third intention


(in-ten'chon) [L. intentio, purpose, aim]
1. A natural process of healing.
2. A goal or purpose.

first intention

See: healing by first intention

second intention

See: healing by second intention

third intention

See: healing by third intention
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As Francis sees it, metaphysics is separated into two sciences: general metaphysics, whose object is thing (taken in a first intention as real), and special (particularis) metaphysics, whose object is God.
Calder admitted that his first intention was a damage limitation exercise, hoping the First Division outfit would not be embarrassed.
The trainer's first intention had been to go for the Mares Only final, but she decided to have a go at the marathon, despite Miss Orchestra sitting well out of the handicap, when she discovered that the race was only two miles and five furlongs.
Our first intention was to take these assets public, but the merger of GlobalCenter and Exodus better achieves our goals, bringing Exodus and Global Crossing together in an extraordinary and unparalleled high-growth partnership.
Wirral's first intention concerning the applications from T-Mobile to site four phone masts was to reject them.
It was grim stuff between a Rovers side whose first intention must have been to avoid defeat, and a home side who harboured slim hopes of playing in next season's Champions League.
Little said: "My first intention is to get through to the players that if we can win on Saturday and Monday we will be in a completely different position in the table.
In first intention, the intellect directs its gaze to the thing as it exists in the real, and in grasping that thing, it subsumes it under some universal that represents it in whole or in part.
One of my first intentions is to improve relations with Syria.
Things like pain and abandonment, orphanhood; things like wanting to know what might matter in this life and why, what counts, what should be our first intentions.
Our first intentions were to raise money for the food bank then to have fun with it.
One of her first intentions upon realising her medal dream was to ring home and check her dog, Fogarty, had enjoyed it.

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