Murder in the First Degree

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Drug slang A regionally popular term for heroin and cocaine

Law Enforcement Homicide perpetrated by means of poison, lying in wait, or other kind of wilful, deliberate, and premeditated act, or that which is committed while perpetrating a forcible felony—e.g., arson, rape, robbery, or burglary
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Stricklin tried over 50 jury trials, including first degree murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, sex assault, assault, drug possession, driving under the influence, and misdemeanor offenses.
Police will ask the District Attorney's Office to amend the attempted murder charge against Banos to a first degree murder charge, Kraft said.
Lionel was arrested and charged as an adult with first degree murder.
A Manitoba jury took less than one hour to acquit a Brandon woman of a charge of first degree murder in May.
If convicted of first degree murder - involving premeditation or "extreme atrocity" - she could face the electric chair.
The choice offered to voters by the Public Policy Institute of California between the death penalty and life without the possibility of parole for first degree murder is misleading and against current law.