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n a term used to describe the relative flexibility of toothbrush bristles; determined by bristle thickness and height. See also stiffness.

Patient discussion about firmness

Q. I had my uterus removed in 2000, what exercises are effective for firming the flab that we women deal with? exercises to firm muscles of tummy after uterus is removed

A. pelvic muscles exercise is very important in order to avoid unpleasant situations and procedures. i once had the pleasure of seeing a surgery done in order to fix a complication of weak pelvic muscles.
not a very nice surgery.

here are some sites that give nice exercises:

Q. I am observing of a growth of a small firm lumps on my left breast. I need a help…I am taking birth control pills from some years and I am 24 years old. From some months I am observing of a growth of a small firm lumps on my left breast. Its color is light pink and is painless. Recently I got the information that birth control pills can cause breast cancer. Now this small growth on my breast is worrying me a lot. I think its breast cancer. I will meet the doctor soon. I just can’t let this go unchecked. What else I can do apart from meeting a doctor.

A. Hey, just relax. You must meet you doctor. Oral contraceptive though they can cause cancer breast, but not everyone is affected. Still this is not clear. But there are chances of noncancerous lumps which are similar to your conditions are suspected as cancer by many women’s. Once you meet your doctor you will be what they are.

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As, on the one hand, a duration of four years will contribute to the firmness of the Executive in a sufficient degree to render it a very valuable ingredient in the composition; so, on the other, it is not enough to justify any alarm for the public liberty.
Yes, I had a satisfaction in the thought of marrying an inexperienced and artless person, and forming her character, and infusing into it some amount of that firmness and decision of which it stood in need.
Murdstone's firmness, which wouldn't allow him to let anybody off from the utmost weight of the severest penalties he could find any excuse for.
Murdstone and his sister, who were always present, and found them a favourable occasion for giving my mother lessons in that miscalled firmness, which was the bane of both our lives.
Why, Jane, we can hardly expect Clara to bear, with perfect firmness, the worry and torment that David has occasioned her today.
These she put down upon the table without a word, glaring at me the while with exemplary firmness, and then retired, locking the door after her.
Miss Marrable and I are both remarkable for the firmness of our characters.
It was only the action of a moment; but in that moment her natural firmness of will rallied all its resources -- strengthened itself with the influence of her beauty -- commanded -- and conquered.
Lorry, shaking his head; for he gained in firmness as he saw the Doctor disquieted.
I was struck with a profound veneration at the sight of Brutus, and could easily discover the most consummate virtue, the greatest intrepidity and firmness of mind, the truest love of his country, and general benevolence for mankind, in every lineament of his countenance.
Thus Tricutan treatment resulted in significantly increased skin firmness as compared to placebo control.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 16, 2005 - (JCNN) - On September 21st 2005, Shiseido has announced a September 21 release"ELIXIR Collagenish Lift EX", a facial essence containing "resilience collagen extract" which supplements rich moisture to draw skin tone and firmness.