finishing stones

finishing stones, the abrasive stones of varying shapes (flame, round, or pear) used to smooth the surfaces of a restoration.
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Tenders are invited for Polishing And Finishing Stones For Ceramic And Porscelain - Coarse To Superfine, While Kit - Gc Or 30 Or Shofu
Superfinishing equipment consists of cantilever mounted, oil bathed finishing stones that are pneumatically tensioned against the workpiece and oscillated.
Unlike grinding or turning, superfinishing is a self-dressing, cold-finishing, double-action process that offers improved surface smoothness for a variety of finishes ranging from lubrication retention surfaces to mirrored finishes provided with the finer grades of finishing stones.
Designed for flexible working arrangements, the unit features six separate stone guides that can be individually adjusted and equipped with finishing stones of varying roughnesses for precise finishing of special applications.