finish, satin

finish, satin,

n the degree of finish of a polished surface that has been made very smooth but without a high sheen.
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Quantity or scope: Printing paint plasterboard partition types BA (13 350 l), painting acrylic finish, satin (200) the acrylic matte paint finish for (300) the ceiling, acrylic paint finish velvet) (200 l, acrylic paint for interior / exterior trim (150 l), alkyd paint to trim the satin finish (60), acrylic paint to the facade (100), snap aluminum paint for (10) the standard mesh glass cloth (300 meters square), mesh glass cloth chevron (100 square meters), braid mesh glass cloth (100 square meters), rust protection and finish (200 l), sealer for floor glycero (25 l), paint stripper (30 l) , glue glass cloth (100 kg), coated filler) (50 kg, finishing plaster) (50 kg, 250 cc dye paint (24) units etc.
There is a six-speaker sound system with CD, sport upholstery with carbon trim, aluminium finish, satin chrome inserts and door handles, sport headlamps, front fogs and dedicated cornering lights designed to broaden your vision by illuminating the front near side of the road as you take the bend.