Fingertip Search

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A new technique for recovering fingerprints invented by a British forensic scientist. It uses charged ceramic beads coated with black powder to disclose the unique patterns of salt corrosion left by human fingertips on metallic surfaces, especially shell casings; unlike normal fingerprint residues, these cannot be wiped off, are impervious to heat and do not deteriorate over time. Once revealed, they are baked, photographed and analysed in the standard manner
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Det Insp Fleur Buxton, who is investigating the Wood End incident, said that some bullet casings had been recovered as a result of the fingertip search earlier on.
With his metal detector rendered all but useless because so much metallic debris lay on the ground, he carried out an hour-long fingertip search for further IEDs.
Police were granted a further 36 hours to quiz him as a fingertip search continued in Redgeland Wood in the Queensway area ofHastings, EastSussex.
22pm today, to quiz him as a fingertip search continued in Redgeland Wood in Hastings, East Sussex.
Police yesterday launched a fingertip search of a rubbish dump near a flat Abedi rented and where he is believed to have practised with explosives.
The search included the use of metal detectors and a fingertip search of undergrowth and the bottom of the river but nothing was found.
The grim news came after emergency services began carrying out a methodical fingertip search of the gutted SP Plastics industrial unit and surrounding area.
Forensics officers yesterday carried out a fingertip search for clues along the street in Leytonstone, East London.
A SQUADDIE carries out a perilous fingertip search in the biggest mine sweep since the Afghan war began.
Specialist officers, including bomb disposal experts, carried out a fingertip search of the area.
Yesterday, teams of police officers were carrying out a fingertip search of the area where she was found.
A fingertip search near the scene of the shooting in Nursery Road, Lozells