finger rest

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fin·ger rest

(fing'gĕr rest)
The place on a structure (e.g., tooth) where the finger of the hand holding the instrument (i.e., fulcrum finger) is placed to provide stabilization and control during use of the instrument.
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Caption: Two 10-round magazines are supplied: one of them with a finger rest for range shooting and the other with a flat baseplate for concealed carry use.
Pipette manufacturers have responded to this demand by designing lighter weight pipettes that include ergonomic features, such as adjustable finger rests, and require less pipetting forces, reducing pipetting fatigue.
9 With surface electromyography (sEMG), hand muscle activity was measured in relation to 3 different fulcrums: extra oral, intraoral with one finger rest, or intraoral with 2 finger rests when scaling tooth number 13.
After extensive research with female consumers, American Safety developed an ergonomic handle, which features a "no slip" finger rest and functional side rubber grips.
The "no slip" finger rest on the top of the handle and functional side rubber grips are ideal for shaving in the shower.
The item features an ergonomic handle, a "no-slip" finger rest on the top of the handle and functional rubber grips to facilitate shaving in the shower.
The spray is designed to fit the hand and features diverter buttons located where the thumb and ring finger rest.
The first part of the book describes and illustrates harpoon technology, which incorporates a number of elements such as a throwing shaft, foreshaft, finger rest, line and often an ice pick.
The improvements include product features such as a finger rest on the utility knife designed to make precision cutting easier.
The large viewfinder and the finger rest at the front are good.
There is also an extension on the bottom of the magazine which serves as a small finger rest.