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financial support,

n the funding of a project to assist in its accomplishment.
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This one [involves] insiders with accredited suppliers who could be a financier,' Cruz said.
Amlak's restructuring proposal allowed financiers to swap Dh1.
The purpose of this agreement is to clearly set out the relationship between these three stakeholders and how the financing agreements between the financiers and the hotel owner and hotel management agreements between the hotel owner and the hotel operator will fit together.
Competitivite, IDE, infrastructures et developpement financier
Ayman a dit que l'invitation a ete adresse a un certain nombre d'institutions, y compris le groupe de la Banque islamique de developpement a Djeddah et le Conseil des Services Financiers Islamiques (CSFI), en Malaisie, en plus des organisations qui ont la capacite de developper des cadres de travail dans le secteur financier, telles que l'Organisation arabe pour le developpement administratif et le Centre international pour la formation financiere islamique du Conseil general des banques ainsi que des representants des banques centrales.
Un accord financier attribue a la Tunisie des credits et des contributions financieres par la banque allemande pour la reconstruction, estimes a 169 millions d'euros.
La modernisation du systeme financier algerien, notamment les volets financier, bancaire et fiscal, constitue l'une des [beaucoup moins que]priorites[beaucoup plus grand que] des autorites publiques, a indique, hier, a Alger, le ministre des Finances, Mohamed Djellab.
Also, for part syndication of this three-year stalled project, the developers demand 40 per cent of sale price payable upfront, and wrongly claim that any prospective financier could sell every one of the off-plan apartments at an inflated sale price during the two-year completion period.
The Supreme Court has ruled that the financier cannot be prosecuted for forcible ' recovery' of the vehicle till the buyer has repaid the entire loan.
Owner deposits commodity with warehouse operator and requests a Tradeflow Warrant -> Warehouse operator Tradeflow Warrant -> Owner publishers details of the Inventory on the Tradeshow platform for financier(s) to accept -> Financier accepts to finance the published inventory and gives quotation for financing -> Owner accepts the quotation and pledges the inventory in favour of the financier -> DMCC Tradeflow register reflects the pledge in favour of financier
Financier Patisserie--Peter Poulakakos' pastry shop specializing in French pastries, espresso, coffee and savory dishes--leased its seventh location at 2 Astor Place.

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