financial support

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financial support,

n the funding of a project to assist in its accomplishment.
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Such financial support is also offered to students, hailing from remote regions where literacy rate is below 50 per cent.
development of the Implementation Concept of legal and methodologicalsupport for planning a system of standardized ratesofexpenditure on performing public functions and mandates and financial support of public services provision with respect to legal regulation on acceptance and management of budget expenditureobligations which are based on agreements (contracts) made in favor of third parties;
Former partners (pounds 1,447), adult children over 18 (pounds 1,278) and children under 18 living outside the family home (pounds 1,175) all receive an average of more than pounds 1,000 of family financial support annually.
Ameen Sharaf, a journalist and an economic analyst, said Yemen needs a large amount of financial support to carry out vital and important projects and to cover the deficit in this year's budget, estimated at approximately 561 billion riyals.
1]rres and Gulbrandsen said the NPA and NUMGE will continue to focus on how "we may prevent all Norwegian financial support to the Israeli settlements.
Also in 2012, Al Nuaimi provided financial support to a charity headed by Yemen-based Abdul Wahab Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Humaiqani, who channelled funding to AQAP," it said.
The amendment would mean that Unison was giving financial support to Labour 'grudgingly' and would restrict the union's involvement with the party.
Speaking in the Financial Support Workshop, for instance, was a current reentry woman who provided information on how she was able to adjust her living standards in order to return to school.
Unison gives financial support to 53 mainly Labour constituencies including those of Home Secretary David Blunkett,Education Minister David Miliband,Health Minister Melanie Johnson and Treasury Minister Dawn Primarolo.
Other financial support for the event was provided by Hudson United Bank and Wachovia Bank.
With some 800,000 subscribers to our Nutrition Action Healthletter--including more than 100,000 who provide financial support above the basic subscription fee--CSPI has become the leading advocate for safe, healthy eating.
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