financial support

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financial support,

n the funding of a project to assist in its accomplishment.
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eligible for financial support, on the basis of a fixed list, the types of entity eligible or categories
Home of Hope will still receive alternative support from War Child Holland and it continues to receive financial support from the Lebanese Social Affairs Ministry, the director said.
Humaiqani has used his Yemen-based charity as a cover for funnelling financial support to AQAP and has frequently travelled throughout the Arabian Peninsula while conducting business for AQAP, the Treasury said.
When the analysts asked caregivers about how the financial support was being spent, 23 percent said they were helping with medical care, and 44 percent said they were helping with housing costs.
Commenting on the decision, Stein Gulbrandsen of NUMGE said: "Norwegian citizens who have provided financial support to Karmel-instituttet through the years must now contemplate that their support has constituted a contribution to breaches of international law.
This time, the Donors Conference is being held as Yemen moves forward with a new president and a new government, on whom the donors count to take advantage of the provided financial support to establish vital projects that benefit Yemen's economy.
Former partners (pounds 1,447), adult children over 18 (pounds 1,278) and children under 18 living outside the family home (pounds 1,175) all receive an average of more than pounds 1,000 of family financial support annually.
Prince Nawaf Ibn Faisal Ibn Fahd Ibn Abdulaziz, General President of Youth Welfare Presidency has pointed out that the Presidency will distribute over the next two days the generous financial support ordered by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud to provide sports clubs with SR 10 million for Saudi Zain League clubs, SR 5 million for first division clubs and SR 2 million for second and third division clubs, noting the Presidency has received the financial support from the Ministry of Finance.
Can teachers receive the support they so desperately need from mentors whose financial support from the state has been eliminated?
Because of the lack of financial support, Tony was forced to work as a nightclub doorman and sell burgers.
TYNESIDE MP David Clelland has taken his campaign for better financial support for carers to Parliament.
Although doctoral students traditionally receive financial support to cover tuition and fees during the program, as well as stipends to help cover living expenses, they do incur standard costs of living that often exceed this financial support.

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