financial management

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financial management,

n the management or control of the money or cash flow of a business or enterprise.
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Representing the NAVSUP financial management community and accepting the awards at the ASMC Professional Development Institute held June 3-4, 2004, in Cleveland, Ohio, were: Mike Madden, Dale Criswell, Robin Porterfield, Scott Dorsey, Roger Walton, Karen Rhoad, and Thad Malone of NAVSUP Headquarters; Chachi Gorman of Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) San Diego; David Ball of FISC Norfolk; and Grace Betts of the Naval Inventory Control Point.
We agree that financial management responsibility and authority within the government should be centralized; we agree that the CFO's term of office should be fixed and long; and we agree that the CFO's responsibility should be broad and direct.
Further, being a strategic business partner to the CEO does not override the requirement for financial management rooted in good reporting, analysis and control.
In response to this sluggish improvement, the OMB and the agencies' CFOs committed to establish financial management systems to "support program delivery, safeguard assets and manage taxpayer dollars.
Budget Policy -- DoD budgeting policies (full, incremental, annual, etc); link to the DoD Financial Management Regulation; other useful links; budgeting implications of contract types; working capital funds.
Awarded under the GSA (General Services Administration) Financial Management Services Schedule, the contract covers support for budget systems activities in Montgomery as well as support positions within the Pentagon.
Every large agency was required to have a CFO with proper financial management credentials, and to conduct business according to accepted accounting principles -- including the production of auditable financial statements.
Government financial management still is in disarray," said Jim Kaitz, vice-president of government relations at the Financial Executives Institute.
The financial management module will enable companies to better track plans against actuals, and to better position enterprises to address performance with vendors and negotiate or renegotiate vendor contracts.
The report and plan cover seven key areas of financial management: accountability standards, financial management organization, financial management personnel, financial systems, management controls, asset management and audited financial reporting.
CGL has been working closely with the National Performance Review's financial management team for several months.
Every day, tens of thousands of people are involved in the financial management of the federal government--planning, budgeting, accounting, processing, and reporting.

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