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n the attempt to predict the future on the basis of expert opinion, market research, trend projection, leading indicators, and other modalities.
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Forecast5 was founded on the concept of providing schools, cities, and county governments the tools that they need to build meaningful and accurate five-year financial forecasts," stated Mike English, CEO and president of Forecast5.
Forecasting similar drivers across homogeneously grouped sites accelerates the generation of statistically accurate, individual plant financial forecasts, giving site managers the reliable information and confidence they need to make better decisions faster.
Aspen took over most of the education, grants and healthcare newsletters, along with two high-priced financial publications, Blue Chip Financial Forecasts and Blue Chip Economic Indicators (both 12x, $597/yr).
The authority's financial forecasts, which includes the impact of Maersk, the initiation of the development of the CIP, and conservatively estimates the growth rate in container traffic at 4.
These companies have integrated the PeopleSoft AREF solution with their existing PeopleSoft Real Estate Management and Financial Management solutions to provide a comprehensive view of their financial forecasts.
A California appellate court ruled that an accounting firm can be sued by third-party investors based on the firm's work in reviewing financial forecasts in conjunction with a private offering of limited partnership interests.
PKF's report also stressed the uncertainty of the financial forecasts in the memorandums, the difficulty of projecting profitability in a venture lacking sufficient operating history and the potentially negative effect of forces beyond the managing partner's control--such as changes in the tax law or government regulations.
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