film plastic

film plas·tic

(film plastik)
Outer protective covering on dental radiographic film.
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All of the food on board included organic ingredients and the vita film plastic and aluminum tops were eliminated and replaced with recyclable plastic cups and water bottles (elaborated with 25 percent recycled PET).
The simplest and least costly system for protecting plants is with film plastic covers.
Based on a survey by Data Consult, film plastic requirement of flexible packaging industry and rotogravure printing (converting industry) for food packaging is 55% of the country's total film plastic requirement.
One more contender for film plastic (such as grocery bags and pallet wrap) is NextLife of Delray Beach, Fla.
Manufacturers of coated film plastic can now sheet the product at higher speeds than conventional drop shear equipment while ensuring the square, accurate dimensions required by the printing industry using a sheet designed by Maxson Automatic Machinery Company.
It works by forcing rigid or film plastic items through a heated die, thus melting a thin jacket that encapsulates the pieces of plastic and dirt within the extruded material exiting the die.
Film plastic, such as shrink wrap and dry cleaning bags, will be the last material added to commercial recycling on May 29, 1993.
Tenders are invited for Modified Polypropline Film Plastic Block Capacitor With Screw Terminal And Double Mounted Stud 1.
In addition, the plant accepts a range of materials that have historically been discarded, such as film plastic and rigid plastics, expanding the range of materials that can be recycled.
Vaishnav developed a way to convert typically non-recyclable multilayered film plastic, typically used for snack packaging such as potato chip bags, into recycled composite materials.
a small business manufacturer of film plastic extrusion machinery, recently benefited from Ex-Im Bank's medium-term insurance.
Remember: No Styrofoam, Film Plastic or Plastic Bags