filled composite

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fill·ed com·po·site

(fild kŏm-poz'it)
Colloq. for fine particle composite resin (q.v.).
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Place a filled composite resin in the deepest area of etch channel.
Consequently, the parameters of the PTC effect may be regulated by selection of the relevant components of the polymer blend and conditions of processing of the filled composites.
In case of GR composites, GR layers are well exfoliated through ENR matrix and the particle size is smaller compared to GT filled composites, It is because of the good compatibility between oxygen functionalities on the surface of GR and epoxy groups of isoprene units owing to the formation of hydrogen bonds, the exfoliated GR layers were indicated through arrow marks in TEM micrographs.
Marsden, Silane coupling agents in particulate mineral filled composites, in Interfaces in polymer matrix composites, Composite Materials 6, E.
But incumbent suppliers of materials like talc- filled composites and microparticulate platinum group catalysts would lose $297 million in combined sales displaced by nanoscale alternatives.
There is a remarkable increase in storage modulus for both of the layered silicate filled composites compared to the commercial clay.
However, nanoparticles with diameters smaller than the wavelength of visible light do not scatter light and the resulting filled composites remain transparent.
The change of these general material properties of the particulate composites, especially elastic modulus or yield stress, is the usual motivation for investigation particulate filled composites.
is developing a new approach to compounding highly filled composites, using two planetary-roller extruders in tandem.
BisGMA-based resins include the bonding adhesive and the filled composites you use in your practice every day for performing all bonded restorations, sealants or direct veneers.
and "Using coupling agents and surface modifiers to improve the properties of particulate filled composites," to be held June 19-20 at the same location.
Intertech, seminar on "Using coupling agents and surface modifiers to improve the properties of particulate filled composites," Le Meridien Palace Hotel, Manchester, U.