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n the act of using a file to shape or smooth an object, usually metal.
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Private foundations and charitable trusts filing at least 250 returns must e-file their 2006 returns, regardless of asset size.
All owners of income producing properties with actual assessed values greater than $40,000 are required to file an RPIE unless the property qualifies for exemption from filing, e.
Flexible print formats -- Filings can be printed or saved in PDF, Microsoft Word or HTML.
The SEC will be able to evaluate: XBRL's impact on the staff's ability to review filings on a more timely and efficient basis; the use of tagged data for risk assessment and surveillance procedures; and XBRL's compatibility with reporting quality, transparency, accounting principles and other SEC reporting requirements.
Although the NAIC's System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing is designed to make filings easier, some insurers resist using the system.
The surge in Chapter 7 filings in the district, which stretches from San Luis Obispo to Riverside counties, comes at a time when other second- quarter bankruptcy provisions in the region fell despite the weak economy.
BDM operates a training center at the SEC's Operation Center to prepare more than 1,200 SEC examiners and analysts to review filings that come to the SEC through EDGAR.
com's latest numbers also show some areas of the country with triple-digit increases in pre-foreclosure and/or REO filings year over year.
The Franchise Tax Board predicts that the move will reduce the state's annual tax filing costs by $50 million, and anticipates more than two million additional e-file returns next year.
When a reorganization plan acceptable to the court cannot be negotiated, a Chapter 11 filing can be used for liquidation, similar to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
The New York City Department of Finance recognizes that many taxpayers in the World Trade Center area may be unable to meet certain New York City filing and payment deadlines.
5 million already lost from sending from state returns, and an estimated $23 million or more from IRS filings.