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n the act of using a file to shape or smooth an object, usually metal.
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I believe as companies go through the e-file process again this year, they will realize that all of their hard work in year-one will produce greater tax filing efficiencies down the road," said TEI's McCormally.
With sophisticated technology the norm in the business world today, e-filing (which can be done up to, and including, midnight of a return's extended due date) provides a secure way for a taxpayer to satisfy its annual filing obligation, while reducing the return's data error rate significantly.
Although the annual RPIE filing requirement continues to be a subject of contention among many in the real estate industry, City officials are firm in their belief that the information garnered from the hundreds of thousands of financial statements submitted to Finance is essential in deriving fair and equitable assessments of property in New York City.
Starting in 1984, EDGAR filings used ASCII formatting with SGML tagging used in the filing's header.
Technically, it doesn't do anything that couldn't be accomplished through e-mail, but NAIC's proprietary software is secure and encrypted, and it allows insurers to send their filings to as many states as they want.
In the three months ending June 30, Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in the Central District of California, which includes the San Fernando Valley, jumped nearly 25 percent compared with the same quarter a year ago.
Looking at pre-foreclosure filings as of December 1, according to ForeclosureS.
Comprehensive data sets -- All SEC EDGAR filings, current and historic filings dating back to 1994 are available; this includes access to 400-plus electronically filed forms, international filers and notices of paper submissions.
The Cameron Park-based CPA reflects that going from "zero to a hundred" in a single filing season was an administrative challenge that resulted in changes to her office procedures.
In a Chapter 7 filing, a trustee is appointed to liquidate the debtor's assets in a way that best satisfies creditors' claims.
Abatements of penalties on all other late filings of returns not covered by this announcement will be handled on case basis.