filamentous bacteriophage

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fil·a·men·tous bac·te·ri·o·phage

a bacteriophage that is rod shaped and elongated, but lacks the head-and-tail structure characteristic of many bacteriophages.
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Rapid titration of multiple samples of filamentous bacteriophage (M13) on nitrocellulose filters.
This new patent provides Dyax with additional patent claims that cover methods for displaying antibodies on filamentous bacteriophage.
This property distinguishes T7 from the more common filamentous bacteriophage display systems both functionally and from an intellectual property point of view.
The recent patent (United States Patent 5,837,500) provides the company with additional patent claims covering methods and intermediates used for displaying proteins, antibodies and other peptides on filamentous bacteriophage.
They discuss such matters as the genetics and evolution of filamentous bacteriophages, evolutionary relationships of pathogenic clones, and antibiotic resistance.