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Fifthly, the most deprived areas of the southern Sinai Peninsula are to be transformed in terms of new roads, infrastructure and access to drinking water provided by five desalination plants each with a capacity to produce between 10,000 and 20,000 cubic metres a day.
Fifthly, all laws restricting freedoms must be amended and the prosecution must be allowed to inspect prisons and police stations.
Fifthly, Florida law schools could take advantage by offering special programs for them as the University of Florida did for the Cuban lawyers.
Senator Raza Rabbani further explained that there is third category of separate rules for collaborators of the ruling elite, fourthly for the rich and the powerful and fifthly ordinary citizens of Pakistan.
Fifthly, before appeal for reconciliation the cricket mogul should launch a movement to bring back the stranded Pakistanis living in- human life in Geneva camp in Dhaka.
Fifthly, Mo is not keeping any British distance runner off the team as there is only one other distance runner at the moment who is capable of doing the qualifying time, Andy Vernon.
Firstly, the accident had occurred because the aircraft was flown on a track other than that indicated on the flight plan given to the pilot and at too low an altitude to clear the rising ground on the track; secondly, that the responsibility for this serious mistake in airmanship lies with the captain of the aircraft; thirdly, that the weather encountered should have presented no difficulties to an experienced pilot; fourthly, that the examination of the propellers showed that the engines were under power when the aircraft struck the ground; and fifthly, that all the occupants of the aircraft were on duty at the time of the accident.
Fifthly, employees have a statutory right to be paid the respective National Minimum Wage for their age band and no less.
Fifthly, the council said that all southern governorates shall be represented by the council's leadership.
Fifthly, we're increasing the Living Alone allowance for older people and people with disabilities.
e) Fifthly, on 14th December, 2007 at Rawalpindi as President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he issued an unconstitutional and unlawful Order 6 of 2007 "Constitution (Second Amendment) Order, 2007" whereby the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 was, unconstitutionally and unlawfully, amended and he thereby subverted the Constitution and thus committed the offence of high treason punishable under section 2 of the
Fifthly, militant outfits like the Hamas and the Hezbollah becoming effective as dominant players in the region were not playing an active part.