field trial

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field trial

a study of a new product/process in the actual conditions for which it was intended; for example testing GM crops in normal cultivation conditions.


1. an area or open space, such as an operative field or visual field.
2. a range of specialization in knowledge, study or occupation.
3. in embryology, the developing region within a range of modifying factors.

auditory field
the space or range within which stimuli will be perceived as sound.
field beans
field experiments
experiments conducted on large groups of animals in conditions thought to be average for the particular type of commercial operation.
field fever
field fungi
fungi that attack plants that grow in the field. See also storage fungi.
high-power field
the area of a slide visible under the high magnification system of a microscope.
individuation field
a region in which an organizer influences adjacent tissue to become a part of a total embryo.
low-power field
the area of a slide visible under the low magnification system of a microscope.
morphogenetic field
an embryonic region out of which definite structures normally develop.
field nettle
field pea
field penny-cress
field poppy
see papaverrhoeas.
sequential field trial
a trial to which additional segments are added as results are obtained in original segments, e.g. concentrating efforts on aspects of the work which appear to be promising.
field trial
see field experiments (above).
visual field
the area within which stimuli will produce the sensation of sight with the eye in a straight-ahead position.
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In 2016, we established field trial operations, opening a field station near Timisoara in 2017.
Hunt test dogs can win at field trials if they have the genetics to run.
But here's the rub: randomized field trials can't be done without the participation of schools and teachers--and testing educational theories in the real world is challenging.
today announced they would collaborate on a major new joint field trial to test the world's first digital cinema system for digital distribution and exhibition of feature-length motion pictures.
From 1995 to 1997 its Planning and Evaluation Service awarded 51 contracts to study the effects of federally sponsored programs, of which 5 involved randomized field trials on programs like Upward Bound, the Even Start Family Literacy Program, and the School Dropout Demonstration Assistance Program.
In particular, by sponsoring the field trial phase of the project, MVI has greatly accelerated testing of this vaccine.
This diversity impacts heavily on farming, crops and harvesting, making it the ideal country for agricultural field trials.
He became heavily involved in the spaniel world and volunteered for every job available at any field trial or hunt test where help was needed.
Most social-science research cannot use randomized field trials because of their expense and because it is rarely feasible to assign a sample population to treatment and control groups.
In field trials with heat and drought stress, the Invinsa[TM] technology has shown up to 20 percent higher yields as compared to the untreated control.
After signing MoU on partnership in 5G joint field trials in December 2014, Huawei and DOCOMO succeeded in the worlds first large-scale outdoor field trial of Massive MIMO in Chengdu, China in October 2015.
Nevertheless, every man who appreciates hunting dogs should understand something about field trials and take in as many as he can, if only to see just how proficiently a dog can be trained to convert superior inherited qualities to stylish, top class pointing, flushing and fetching under the gun.