magnetic field gradient

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mag·net·ic field gra·di·ent

in magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic field that varies with location, superimposed on the uniform field of the magnet, to alter the resonant frequency of nuclei and allow calculation of their spatial position.
Synonym(s): field gradient
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It was reported that strength of used magnets and magnetic field gradient varies from 70 mT to 2.
Material with an electric field gradient of 41 MV/m
Impact of magnetic field gradients on the free corrosion of iron.
Gravity field gradient along a levelling profile has a significant effect on the levelling results.
Axial gradient of the magnetic field gradient (dB/dL) at the wall of the channel, which caused oxygen transfer towards the pellet surface was equal to 1.
It can be observed that the field gradient reaches values as high as 14 T/m in regions close to the bore entrance.
The basic resultant plot of the electric field gradient distribution with applied voltage after using numerical methods is shown in Fig.
Switching on an electric field gradient changes the strongest absorption color in different parts of the crystal, so that one end absorbs strongly at the blue part of the spectrum and the other end toward the red.
The car can scoot around a gold surface when exposed to heat or an electric field gradient, but its movement is limited-the drawbacks prevent its widespread use.
This reduction in voxel size is greatly facilitated by using small magnetic field gradient coils that are capable of rapidly generating extremely steep magnetic field gradients (Mayer et al.
The levitation occurs due to the force which a ferrofluid, placed into a magnetic field gradient, exerts upon these bodies.
cm] permit one to obtain a magnetic flux density near the wall of about 1 T and to create a field gradient of about 2 T/cm.