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fiduciary (fidoo´shēerē),

n a person who has a duty to act primarily for another's benefit, as a trustee. Also, pertaining to the good faith and confidence involved in such a relationship.
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Part V shows that the problems of fit, intent, and function arise with respect to three proposed fiduciary reforms.
Taking fiduciary government as an example, Part VI argues that the success of translation depends upon recognizing the interdependence of justiciability, rights, and remedies, mediating between general principles and decision rules in particular cases, and identifying the logical connections between the values at stake in the relevant doctrinal debates.
The problem of justifying fiduciary duties does not differ from that of justifying other kinds of private law duties.
Before analyzing the justification for fiduciary duties, we must register some stipulations about the positive law.
Where a fiduciary duty exists, what does it entail?
Loyalty is sometimes termed fidelity in fiduciary contexts.
Fiduciary duty may be enhanced when a mortgage broker has special skills or experience.
While the federal SAFE Act does not address fiduciary duties of mortgage brokers, several states have passed laws that go beyond the SAFE Act's minimum requirements and impose fiduciary (or fiduciary-type) duties on mortgage brokers.
A fiduciary duties may also be implied in law, regardless of whether contractual relations or formal writings exist or a statute imposes such a duty, when one party relies on another to act on the party's behalf and to look out for its best interests.
3d DCA 2008), putative class action plaintiffs and their attorneys were held to owe an implied fiduciary duty to potential members of a class of property owners prior to certification of a class.
It is important that the committee members selected have the time and expertise to properly perform their fiduciary duties.
Before one can ascertain whether calling friends fiduciaries is simply a category mistake, one needs a working understanding of the fiduciary idea in the law.