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To form fibrous tissue.


/fi·brose/ (fi´brōs)
1. to form fibrous tissue.


verb To form fibrous tissue.


To form or produce fibrous tissue (e.g., a scar).

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Q. Can cystic fibrosis patients have children? My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis, and currently he’s treated with many medications but usually healthy (other than pneumonia from hospitalization from time to time). I heard that men with cystic fibrosis can’t have children - is that true? Is there anything he can do about it?


Q. Do women with cystic fibrosis have difficult pregnancy? My wife has cystic fibrosis, and after 3 year of marriage we decided we want a baby. I know that men with cystic fibrosis are usually infertile and can’t have children- is that the case also for women with cystic fibrosis? Is the pregnancy in women with cystic fibrosis more problematic? Is it dangerous?

A. Before you attempt a pregnancy, you should consult her doctor to make sure she can tolerate it, because very severe disease can make the pregnancy dangerous for her. If her disease isn’t so severe, usually there are no special problems.

Q. my uncle was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. can anyone help?

A. Pulmonary Fibrosis involves scarring of the lung. Gradually, the air sacs of the lungs become replaced by fibrotic tissue. When the scar forms, the tissue becomes thicker causing an irreversible loss of the tissue’s ability to transfer oxygen into the bloodstream. Traditional theories have postulated that it might be an autoimmune disorder, or the after effects of an infection, viral in nature. There is a growing body of evidence which points to a genetic predisposition. A mutation in the SP-C protein has been found to exist in families with a history of Pulmonary Fibrosis. The most current thinking is that the fibrotic process is a reaction to microscopic injury to the lung. While the exact cause remains unknown, associations have been made with the following:*Inhaled environmental and occupational pollutants, *Cigarette smoking, *Diseases such as Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus,*Therapeutic radiation. For full: Hope this helps.

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La personne exposee peut etre atteinte de fibrose pulmonaire, de cancer broncho-pulmonaire et de mesotheliome (cancer de la plevre), une forme de cancer generee par l'inhalation de fibres d'amiante.
Over several months, the flap becomes more secure as the stromal cells fibrose.
Cette maladie silencieuse peut [R] voluer spontan[R] ment vers la gu[R] rison ou progresser vers la fibrose (cicatrisation), la cirrhose ou le cancer du foie.
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x000C0; l'analyse anatomopathologique de la piece operatoire, on a decele un infiltrat inflammatoire constitue d'amas d'histiocytes spumeux, de nombreux elements lymphoplasmocytaires et de quelques cellules epithelioides eparses, le tout etant associe a une fibrose interstitielle diffuse avec atrophie tubulaire et aspect de « pain a cacheter » (figure 4, figure 5).
Enjeux lies au diagnostic et a la prise en charge initiale des enfants atteints de la fibrose kystique au Quebec.
A falta de forcas fisiologicas que atua sobre o colageno durante o desuso muscular impede a formacao de ligacoes cruzadas, dando origem a fibras imaturas que sao responsaveis pela fibrose (AMIEL et al.
The resulting swelling was filled with blood, which, left to its own devices, would clot, organise and fibrose over time, crinkling the ear flap and creating the kind of changes that you can still see in most decent rugby players' ears.
La prevalence de chaque stade de fibrose est un facteur majeur de variabilite de l'estimation de la valeur diagnostique des marqueurs de fibrose par les courbes ROC.
Pour les chercheurs de l'UQAM, les applications de la RMN seront multiples : developpement de vaccins synthetiques, synthese de molecules bioactives pour le traitement de la fibrose kystique, synthese d'agents visant a renverser la multiresistance aux medicaments, synthese d'agents antiviraux et anticancers, de meme qu'une meilleure comprehension des maladies neurodegeneratives et des effets secondaires cardiotoxiques de certains medicaments.
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Finally, over long periods of time, granulation tissue can fibrose and lead to permanent scarring.