An instrument that measures clot formation (as in tests for blood clotting in vitro) by mechanical detection of the clot by a moving probe.
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The FibroSystem by BD Diagnostics Systems features the Fibrometer Precision Coagulation Timer, which measures coagulation properties of plasma for diagnostic use and anticoagulant therapy control.
The samples were analyzed for PT and aPTT on the following analyzers: MLA 700, MLA 1000, MLA 1600 (Medical Laboratory Automation); Diagnostica Stago ST4, Diagnostica Stago STA (American Bioproducts); ACL 1000 (Instrumentation Laboratory); and a fibrometer (Becton Dickinson).
The central laboratory measures PTs with an MLA 700, two of the sites use an MLA 750, and one other uses a fibrometer.
Typical equipment includes a cell counter and a fibrometer, which provides on-site coagulation testing and screening, blood counts, differentials, and such basic hematology procedures as reticulocyte counts and sed rates.
The Army hospital supply officer wanted to know where the Fibrometer had come from (he had no paperwork for request, approval, budgeting, and so on).
20) Plasma fibrinogen concentrations were measured with a clot-based end point using a BBL fibrometer (Becton-Dickinson, Baltimore, Maryland).
The instrument used for analysis was the fibrometer (Becton-Dickinson, New Jersey), which is an electro-mechanical instrument that detects the presence of a fibrin clot via a stationary electrode and a moving electrode.
Clinical specimens that had previously been tested on the Fibrometer (Becton Dickinson) were tested concurrently with all five reagents on the STA-R analyzer.
The first coagulation instrument, the Fibrometer (Becton Dickinson), used a moving electrode to detect the clot.
The elegance and simplicity of CoaguSense's proprietary design will give clinicians and patients comfort in knowing their test system is based on the same mechanical principle as the World Health Organization's gold standard tilt-tube method and the research grade fibrometer.
Duplicate plasma samples were diluted 1:10 (by vol) with an imidazole buffer (Organon Teknika) and measured at 20- and 40-s intervals at 37[degrees]C in a fibrometer (Model BBL, Becton Dickinson).
The Fibrometer replaced the tilt-tube method for coagulation.