fibro-osseous (fīb´rō-os´ēəs),

adj composed of bony and fibrous tissue. Often associated with lesions of the jaw.
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1, 3) These neuropathies occur as a result of mechanical dynamic compression of a short segment of a nerve as it passes through a specific site, which is frequently a fibro-osseous tunnel or an opening in fibrous or muscular tissue.
An ossifying fibroma is a proliferative, fibro-osseous, tumor-like lesion that develops most commonly in the rostral mandible causing distortion of the lip and adjacent teeth.
5] Following a healed fracture, the cavity may become divided by fibro-osseous septa.
Twenty-two extrinsic tendons cross the wrist and pass through a series of tight fibro-osseous canals that are designed to optimize the tendon's force production and efficiency of motion.
Peripheral nerve trunks are vulnerable where they are superficial or are in fibro-osseous tunnels.
A Case of odontogenic myxoma with unusual histological features mimicking a fibro-osseous process.
Fibrous dysplasia is an abnormal growth pattern characterized by fibro-osseous replacement of mature marrow with immature abnormal matrix.
The term liposclerosing myxofibrous tumor (LSMFT), first introduced by Ragsdale and Sweet (1) in 1986, is used to identify a benign fibro-osseous lesion with a significant predilection for the proximal femur.
The differential diagnosis of sinonasal pathologies with highly radiodense materials includes rhinolith, mycetoma, inverted papilloma with calcifications, chondrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and fibro-osseous lesions.
Benign fibro-osseous lesions: Ossifying fibroma, cementifying fibroma and cemento-ossifying fibroma
For this reason it is suggested that blockage of interstitial fluid drainage caused by fibro-osseous proliferation may be the cause of SBCs.