fibrinous adhesion

fi·brin·ous ad·he·sion

1. an adhesion that consists of fine threads of fibrin resulting from an exudate of plasma or lymph, or an extravasation of blood.
2. multiple fine or thin threads of fibrin.
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This mechanism of fibrinous adhesion has been implicated in one clinical report (11) in which an ambulatory catheter was removed only two days after the local anaesthetic infusion had stopped.
9]; Balagopalan and Nayar [10] and Mahdi [11] noticed weak fibrinous adhesions between the graft and perioesophageal cervical muscles.
Fibrinous adhesions were disrupted and parietal and visceral pleura were debrided in order to unify the pleural space.
The right pleural cavity was obliterated by fibrinous adhesions.