fibrin glue

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fibrin sealant

mixed fibrinogen and thrombin applied to sites to curtail hemorrhage or as a delivery mechanism to provide regional long-term growth factor or other drug delivery.
Synonym(s): fibrin glue

fibrin glue

Fibrin sealant Surgery A liquid commercial product composed of purified fibrinogen and thrombin used to seal operative wounds, by partially re-enacting the final stage of the coagulation cascade, in which fibrinogen is converted to fibrin in the presence of thrombin, factor XIII, fibronectin and calcium ions; FS are mixed at the 'table,' and used to seal complex surgical wounds–eg, anorectal fistulas


an insoluble protein that is essential to clotting of blood, formed from fibrinogen by action of thrombin.

fibrin-fibrinogen degradation products (FDPs)
the breakdown products of fibrin and fibrinogen, resulting from activation of the fibrinolytic system, they inhibit fibrin formation and platelet adherence. Elevated levels are found in the blood and urine in association with disseminated intravascular coagulation and detection is a test for that condition.
fibrin-fibrinogen split products
see fibrin-fibrinogen degradation products (above).
fibrin foam
a clot promoting surgical material for application to oozing surfaces. Strips of fine white sponge to be soaked in thrombin solution before application.
fibrin glue
a mixture of bovine thrombin and concentrated fibrinogen. It may be used topically or by injection in management of hemostasis.
fibrin plate method
a method of measuring fibrinolytic activity by incubating a fibrin clot with test serum in a Petri dish.
soluble fibrin monomers
a stage in the clot formation process of producing insoluble fibrin monomers.
fibrin stabilizing factor
see fibrin stabilizing factor.
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In case of massive bleedings, hemostasis could be provided by using thrombocyte suspension, rFVII and fibrin glues as a single or combined therapy.
Fibrin glue application through the flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope: closure of bronchopleural fistulas.
The results showed the side sealed by Fibrin Glue swelled and bruised dramatically less; Patients experienced substantially less discomfort.
Fibrin glue in surgery: frequent development of inhibitors of bovine thrombin and human factor V.
AGF is a platelet-rich plasma derivative providing osteoinductive growth factors from the patient's own blood, which may also be used as a fibrin glue for bone graft materials.
The FDA approval confirms Fibrin Glue is a groundbreaking product that makes facelift surgery much more comfortable for patients," states Dr.
Tenders are invited for Glue Fibrin Glue 1Ml Or 2 Ml
7,17] In the recent years, some researchers have shown optimal primary results of fibrin glue application to correct persistent nephrocutaneous fistulas in some cases.
At this point, allograft dermis was placed in the defect as a subdural graft, and the allograft was secured into position with fibrin glue.
The use of an acellular dermal matrix as a biologic patch and fibrin glue was reported as a successful technique in treating enteric fistula in one patient, and preventing fistula formation in a further two patients with deserosalisation of the small bowel.
Safer and much cheaper circumcision using fibrin glue in severe hemophilia.
Other sealants commonly used to create a watertight seal in spinal wounds include fibrin glue, made from other donor blood or animal matter, which is not optimal because it remains in place for only five to seven days and carries a risk of disease transmission, the researchers said.