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Cellular type Ovarian Cytoplasm of Nucleus of Nucleus of stage Follicle germ cell germ cell resorptive cell I +++ ++ - +++ II +++ ++ - +++ III +++ +++ ++ +++ IV ++ - ++ +++ V + - ++ +++ Cytoplasm and Ovarian nucleus of stage fibrillar cell I +++ II +++ III +++ IV +++ V +++ +++, strongly positive; ++, moderately positive; +, weakly positive; -, negative.
In the monocots, fibrillar appearances are common in end walls of tracheary elements of families with more numerous plesiomorphic features (Carlquist, 2012).
Additionally, the morphology of Vorticella's cytoskeleton is more complex with membrane-bounded tubules embedded within the fibrillar mass.
Figure 8a shows a stacked lamella structure for the film prepared from the lab unit under high cooling rate while for the MDO film sample with the same thickness a fibrillar structure is observed (Figure 8b).
mRNA levels for [alpha]-subunit of prolyl 4-hydroxylase and fibrillar collagens in immobilized rat skeletal muscle.
4b) appear larger, Bowman's capsule BMs are partially thickened and/or covered with granular or fibrillar matrix.
Also, Parmax SRPs are isotropic and produce homogeneous molded parts, whereas LCPs are highly anisotropic and produce parts with a fibrillar structure.
Early perturbations in keratin and actin gene expression and fibrillar organisation in griseofulvin-fed mouse liver.
Is it possible, for example, to develop mechanical (microsurgical-type) modifications of fibers in fiber separation during mechanical pulping, or carry out controlled modification of the fibrillar structure of the cell wall?
A liver injury with minimal bleeding was packed with fibrillar absorbable hemostat.
In [beta]-sheet form, it is the principal component of fibrillar tangles that accummulate in the brains of Alzheimer's patients in regions where there is extensive neuronal death.