fiberoptic light

fiberoptic light,

n a miniaturized light source that uses the property of flexible fiberglass strands to conduct light over long distances with little or no distortion; used in intraoral application, such as a light attached directly to the dental handpiece.
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1 inch capacitive touch high bright display and a TCK1 HD Camera Head and a fiberoptic light cable in a compact portable package.
A fiberoptic light spray, which consists of 200 small cables of gently changing lights that can be held and manipulated into designs.
A fiberoptic light provides illumination for the CCD camera.
The system includes a fiberoptic light source and a 5-in.
The surgeon uses the ductoscope as a guide in dissecting along the duct until reaching the tip of the in strument, where the point of fiberoptic light marks the location of the target.
Portable headlights allow dentists the freedom to move from operatory to operatory without being tethered to older style fiberoptic light sources.
We have devised an alternative method of illuminating the surgical field during tonsillectomy with the aid of a flexible fiberoptic light source.
In 1957, Hirschowitz developed the first clinically functional flexible esophagoscope, which featured a fiberoptic light source, a circumferential magnified view, and channels for instrumentation and suction.
In addition, the disposable fiberoptic light delivery devices used in PDT procedures will produce more than $80 million in revenues for this developing industry.
Approximately half of its products are designed for the international traffic control market, while the other half is comprised of fiberoptic light and image guides for the industrial, medical and military markets.
Luxtec will repair, refurbish or replace any fiberoptic light cable, light guide or illuminated instrument from any provider, including Olympus, Smith &Nephew, Circon, Stryker, Storz, Wolf, Genzyme, Welch Allyn, Pilling/Weck and others.